10 Exercises Without Equipment

Let’s face it; exercise equipment isn’t exactly affordable. So having exercises without equipment is fabulous. Plus, if you add in the cost of a gym membership and/or a personal trainer, you’re spending a pretty penny on something you don’t necessarily need to! Fortunately, there are several exercises that you can do even if you don’t have any fancy equipment. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for being able to do things at a very low cost or, better yet—free!

Exercises Without Equipment

10 Exercises Without Equipment


Planking is something that, in theory, looks very simple. However, this exercise is actually pretty hard-core if you’ve never done it before. For example, I could barely do a 30-second plank the first time I tried! I do love planks as an exercise, though, because all you need is a space big enough to lay on, and it’s a full-body experience without being hard on your joints. It is one of the best exercises without equipment, in my opinion.

Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges are great for your whole lower body, from glutes and hamstrings to your hips and calves. I enjoy doing these exercises because you can customize how deeply you go down to whatever your body is capable of. For example, my knees aren’t great, but I can still do baby versions that help me keep my flexibility; knee braces also help a lot. You can also hold something heavy in your hands if you want to work your arms simultaneously!

Sit-ups and Push-ups

Both of these are classic exercises that you might overlook. However, depending on how you do them, they can work out many different muscles. The position of your arms, legs and even how fast and deeply you perform these exercises impacts how they benefit your body. Again, like squats and lunges, you can do them in ways that make them easier if your body is compromised in some way!


This is my favorite thing to do because it gives you a great workout and allows you to get out and see nature. It’s also a great way to see things wherever you live if you don’t have much nature around. All you need is determination, a sense of adventure, and a comfy pair of sneakers! There are also tons of free apps that can help show you your progress and even guide you along specific paths. 

Air Swimming

This exercise is similar to a plank, but it requires more movement. For this, you lay on your belly just like a plank, but instead of tucking your arms and legs close, you stretch them out and move them up and down, like swimming! This is another full-body workout that isn’t hard on your joints. You can also try different arm and leg movements to see what you prefer. 

Bulgarian Split Squat

So this sounds pretty rough, but it’s not hard at all! You can do it if you have a chair, a couch, or even a coffee table. This exercise is very much like a squat. However, instead of both feet on the floor, place one behind you and hook it on your couch/chair/table so the top of your foot is on top of the surface. Then, you do squats like normal! You can move closer or farther from your platform to work on different areas and get more comfortable with the movement. 

Glute Bridge

The lazybones in me really enjoys this exercise. It’s super simple but still gives your glutes some strength and your core. All you have to do is lay on your back with your feet planted on the floor, raise your abdomen and hold, and slowly release back down. Be aware of the muscles you’re using, though! You want to use your core and glutes to lift, not your arms or knees. It’s another one of the exercises without equipment to make you feel like you have done far more.

Arm Circles

These can seem like something only middle schoolers do in PE, but they’re pretty effective at toning your arms with no equipment or lifting needed! Just stretch your arms in a T shape at your sides, and move them in big or small circles for as long as you can. Easy peasy! I like starting with big circles and then working down to smaller ones. 


Step-ups are perfect if you have stairs or even a step stool at your house. They are easier and safer than running up and down stairs to tone your legs and glutes; you can do them anytime! Just step up and then down off your platform, and repeat. You can do one leg at a time or alternate between them. It’s up to you. 

Wall Sit

Just like the plank, it takes some time to build up endurance for a long wall sit, but it’s still a very impactful workout! Picture yourself sitting in a chair that has its back to a wall. Now remove the chair. That’s a wall sit. Brace your back against a wall, then let yourself slide to a sitting position in mid-air. Hold as long as you can, and viola.

I hope these ten exercises without equipment inspire you to take charge of your body without letting others take control of your wallet. 😉 Have fun, remember to stay hydrated, and never push yourself to the point of pain. Stay consistent, and you will improve. You don’t have to hurt yourself to get there. <3 

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